The Josh Trett Interview

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I just got done interviewing one of my friends and a great filmmaker too. His name is Josh Trett (Director of Freddy Vs. The Mask, Killer Spirit, and Cold Sun), and here is our interview that we did on MSN Live Messenger:

Full Interview:
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Also, make sure to buy “Cold Sun” now on! It’s only $5.95!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dylan C. Bargas

The Risen VFX Test

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These are vfx tests for Sunny Production’s The Risen.

Video Log #2: “More Updates on THE RISEN”

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I know that I seemed unenthusiastic in this video, but like I said later on in the video that I am really tired right now. But I hope this is very informative for you all, and I hope you all stay around for more updates from us and our new upcoming project THE RISEN.

THE RISEN (Behind the Scenes) – “Electron Origins”

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This is for all who are wondering about how I created Electron and the type of story that I want to unfold for him in the upcoming movie THE RISEN, and maybe future movie projects as well…

© 2009 Sunny Productions.

Why So Serious? – My Joker Impersonation

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This is my impersonation of the awesome Joker from “The Dark Knight” (2008) movie, portrayed by the memorable Heath Ledger who passed away last year way before the movie reached theater. Mr. Ledger, this is for you. 🙂

Video Log #1: “What’s Coming Up.”

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Hey everyone, I hope this first video log is good for you to get excited for our new feature film THE RISEN. So subscribe to us and we’ll keep you updated!