::UPDATE – 3/18/10:: I gotten 44 points for this presentation. The highest is 50, so 44 is great enough for our group! 😀 I hope you all enjoy this video and make sure to view more info on site mentioned below.

Well it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be, but over all I think it looks really good. Originally it was going to be me talking about the history of Pelly, of how it has been going on for centuries (ever since the don of time, lol). Well that plan didn’t work out too well (I only gotten 2 images back from my friend, when I was suppose to get 6). I wish I could’ve gone with my original plan, but time was running out and I have to show this video today (I filmed this yesterday, so yeah I was a bit slacking off). But don’t worry, you can visit www.Pelly.tk to view the images and extras. We got some great bloopers on the site, so I hope you enjoy them!