It was a late night, and I was just sitting in my room and saying all of these things that I like and dislike about some of the movies I have. And since I really love movies, I want to start a webseries or a new channel for the webseries just for my DVD collection reviews. I like reviewing movies. And I like to express my opinions a lot.

And last night made me realize that I can actually achieve in doing reviews of my DVD collection. Since I have a lot, that leave up to many review videos, plus more once I get more DVD’s. But hey, one day I might ge Blu-Rays too, but I have no clue when that will happen.

But just to make this short, I will make sure to update you with the latest on what’s going on with my new upcoming videos, and I will make sure to tell you about the status of the new video log too. Will it be uploaded, or am I going to have to buy a new program? We’ll see. But for now I’ll be making these type of videos until anything further.

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