The Trip to Turlock

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Part 1: “Taking a stop at Commanche Hills.”

Part 2: “Visting Grandpa’s Ranch.”

Part 3: “Michael & Kelly’s 21st Birthday Party!”

Part 4 Coming Soon!


Having a Great Time at Youth Group!

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We’re at the Foothills Christian Fellowship Church having a blast at our youth group we usually go to on Wednesdays. This is what we usually do or more like an example of what we do there. We just have fun and it’s great hanging out there. I might do more videos of this, and I hope I do before I move away in June after I graduate from high school. Well anyways, I hope you enjoy this video. Please subscribe, rate, and comment! Thanks! 🙂

Having Fun in Choir

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This is our A Cappella Choir class, and this was just for fun. It was attended for my Web Designs final, but the video didn’t work on the page. But I still gotten a good grade on that final, so I guess this video wasn’t needed. But since I still have this I felt I might as well put it on YouTube. Do you like it? Well hopefully. Please comment and let me know. Thanks for watching. 🙂