The Trip to Turlock

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Part 1: “Taking a stop at Commanche Hills.”

Part 2: “Visting Grandpa’s Ranch.”

Part 3: “Michael & Kelly’s 21st Birthday Party!”

Part 4 Coming Soon!


Blog posting on the Sunny Productions site!

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Just testing out this program I have called Windows Media Encoder. It doesn’t have the greatest quality but it sure does look very cool. Well just check this out and let me know what you think in the usual place below. Thanks for watching, and please make sure to comment, subscribe, and like!

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Video Log #10: “New Official Site!”

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Wow, this took almost forever to edit together. First, the filming was the easy part. Second, editing was the hardest. Usually the editing is pretty easy, but nowadays since my Ulead program is still acting up, it took me a lot longer to get this done. And third, shortening it up to fit the time limit on YouTube. Gosh, I never realized that I filmed a lot for this video log. There was a lot of great stuff, but had to be cut out. If this site allowed 20 to 30 minutes videos on here, then I wouldn’t have this problem to make it 10 mins. in the first place. Now this takes a lot of time to save after completed. I actually used Windows Movie Maker after using a lot of Ulead features to make this video look good. There was three parts saved from the Ulead program, just to make this one 10 min. video. Ridiculous, huh? Well now since this is finished, and out there. I would like to talk about upcoming projects and other updates while I’m at this.

New projects such as a “Vader Chat Room” webseries possibility. Now this may or may not get developed, but for now it’s just an idea that will float around in my mind for awhile. Now on the other hand I am developing the next episode to the “Superheroes Gone Wrong!” series. Now I know it’s been a long while since I did the last episode, but don’t worry, this one will come out pretty soon. But I don’t know when, but I’ll just leave it at that until I update you all later on.

Now what ever happened to the “Toy Story 3” video review? Be patient, will come out soon. I just need to film something, that’s all. And what do you think about what I said of the “Inception” movie? Do you agree or disagree? Please leave your comment about that below in the comments section. And is Dylan’s DVD Reviews coming out or not? Well the thing is, it could happen, but at the same time there’s just so many things going on, so it may not come out anytime soon. But when it does, make sure to check it out on our new channel, The Bargas Project! Click on the link in the video or below to view the page.

Well that’s all that needed to be said. Make sure to view the new official website either at:

Tell me about what you think of the new site. Do you like it, or not? Please let me know in the comments section below! Thanks!

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Have a great day, and I hope you enjoyed this video! Later! 😀

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Having a Great Time at Youth Group!

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We’re at the Foothills Christian Fellowship Church having a blast at our youth group we usually go to on Wednesdays. This is what we usually do or more like an example of what we do there. We just have fun and it’s great hanging out there. I might do more videos of this, and I hope I do before I move away in June after I graduate from high school. Well anyways, I hope you enjoy this video. Please subscribe, rate, and comment! Thanks! 🙂

Having Fun in Choir

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This is our A Cappella Choir class, and this was just for fun. It was attended for my Web Designs final, but the video didn’t work on the page. But I still gotten a good grade on that final, so I guess this video wasn’t needed. But since I still have this I felt I might as well put it on YouTube. Do you like it? Well hopefully. Please comment and let me know. Thanks for watching. 🙂

Throw the Ball & Hide!

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Playing with my dogs, Jazzmyn and Tessie. Jazzmyn is the one chasing after the ball, and the Tessie is….the old one…. Anyways, I hope this was fun to watch and make sure to comment, rate, and subscribe us! Thanks.