Opinion: “Spider-Man” Reboot

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I know that I kind of made the end of this video quick but that’s just because the video almost ran out of time, and that’s saying because I only can upload 10 min. videos on here. Yeah I could’ve done different takes and edit it altogether but I really don’t want to put effort on to this video when it’s just a video blog of my opinion on the recent news of the “Spider-Man” franchise being rebooted by Sony. For more information click on the link below to read my blog post about it.

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Link: http://www.greeniegobbie.blogspot.com/2010/01/sony-rebooting-spider-man-in-2012.html


Why So Serious? – My Joker Impersonation

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This is my impersonation of the awesome Joker from “The Dark Knight” (2008) movie, portrayed by the memorable Heath Ledger who passed away last year way before the movie reached theater. Mr. Ledger, this is for you. 🙂

Best of You (Watchmen Music Video)

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This is a fanmade music video tribute to the Watchmen film coming this Friday, March 6th. I gotten this idea after watching irishbwick’s Smallville music video of the same song used in this video. I love the song ever since, and decided to make a music video about the Watchmen movie. I am a big fan of the graphic novel, and can’t wait to see the movie. I hope you enjoy this video, and please rate and leave a comment too. Thanks!

Return of the Ghostbusters (Fan Trailer Tribute)

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I was bored and I figured that since I downloaded the fan film “Return of the Ghostbusters” I could make some sort of fan trailer tribute. So I cut some parts from the movie and edit it with a music score to go along with it. Yes I have been using this score for most of my fan trailers but you have to admit that it’s really good.

The original score is called “With Great Power” from the “Spider-Man 3” movie. It was by the composer who is named Christopher Young.

I hope you enjoy this video. I spend an hour to make it, so yeah it was worth my time.

Visit the official site to the movie at the link below.