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It was a late night, and I was just sitting in my room and saying all of these things that I like and dislike about some of the movies I have. And since I really love movies, I want to start a webseries or a new channel for the webseries just for my DVD collection reviews. I like reviewing movies. And I like to express my opinions a lot.

And last night made me realize that I can actually achieve in doing reviews of my DVD collection. Since I have a lot, that leave up to many review videos, plus more once I get more DVD’s. But hey, one day I might ge Blu-Rays too, but I have no clue when that will happen.

But just to make this short, I will make sure to update you with the latest on what’s going on with my new upcoming videos, and I will make sure to tell you about the status of the new video log too. Will it be uploaded, or am I going to have to buy a new program? We’ll see. But for now I’ll be making these type of videos until anything further.

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And if you want to make your own reviews, join that site and try posting your own movie or game reviews. It’s pretty cool, and easy to do.

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The Road to Newberg: An Oregon State Choir Competition Story

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This is a video about the trip that we gone to on Friday (5/7/2010), told as a short story. I made this for laughs, but I wanted to make a video dedicated to our choir class winning 2nd place at the Oregon State Choir Competition in Newberg, OR. It was really fun, and we all had a blast on this trip. There was a few things I left out of this video, that I thought I could’ve put in, but I wish I had pictures or video clips of those moments so sadly I can’t present them in this video.

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Pelly Commercial – Econ. Class Group Project

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::UPDATE – 3/18/10:: I gotten 44 points for this presentation. The highest is 50, so 44 is great enough for our group! 😀 I hope you all enjoy this video and make sure to view more info on site mentioned below.

Well it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be, but over all I think it looks really good. Originally it was going to be me talking about the history of Pelly, of how it has been going on for centuries (ever since the don of time, lol). Well that plan didn’t work out too well (I only gotten 2 images back from my friend, when I was suppose to get 6). I wish I could’ve gone with my original plan, but time was running out and I have to show this video today (I filmed this yesterday, so yeah I was a bit slacking off). But don’t worry, you can visit www.Pelly.tk to view the images and extras. We got some great bloopers on the site, so I hope you enjoy them!


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Me and my friends on Halloween night were really bored before we went off trick-or-treating, so we decided before we head off that we should make videos. It was really fun, and I wish that we could make even more videos, but we just went trick-or-treating instead. So here’s my favorite video out of all of them, and I hope you like it too. To know who plays who, check out the cast list below. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Dylan C. Bargas as The Joker
Cody Ayola as Mercenary #1
Nick Parazoo as Mercenary #2
Ryan Baumgart as Journalist

Music: “Incidental Pieces” composed by Wil Malone

The Rise of Venom – Teaser Trailer

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UPDATE: The movie is ON HOLD. Wait for more updates to come.

The official teaser trailer to the fan film “The Rise of Venom”.