Having Fun in Choir

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This is our A Cappella Choir class, and this was just for fun. It was attended for my Web Designs final, but the video didn’t work on the page. But I still gotten a good grade on that final, so I guess this video wasn’t needed. But since I still have this I felt I might as well put it on YouTube. Do you like it? Well hopefully. Please comment and let me know. Thanks for watching. 🙂


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Nothing special…just looks weird…but cool, right?

Video Log #4: “Casting Calls for THE RISEN”

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In this video I talk about the recent news on the casting for “The Risen”.

For more information click on the following link: http://therisensite.webs.com/apps/blog/show/3904884

Superheroes Gone Wrong! – Episode 1

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Telephoneman and some random superheroine talk about teaming up to stop Dr. Von Smartypants!

Opinion: “Spider-Man” Reboot

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I know that I kind of made the end of this video quick but that’s just because the video almost ran out of time, and that’s saying because I only can upload 10 min. videos on here. Yeah I could’ve done different takes and edit it altogether but I really don’t want to put effort on to this video when it’s just a video blog of my opinion on the recent news of the “Spider-Man” franchise being rebooted by Sony. For more information click on the link below to read my blog post about it.

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Link: http://www.greeniegobbie.blogspot.com/2010/01/sony-rebooting-spider-man-in-2012.html

Throw the Ball & Hide!

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Playing with my dogs, Jazzmyn and Tessie. Jazzmyn is the one chasing after the ball, and the Tessie is….the old one…. Anyways, I hope this was fun to watch and make sure to comment, rate, and subscribe us! Thanks.

Video Log #3: “Upcoming Projects”

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Dylan talks about the upcoming projects and “The Risen” in this video log.

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